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History of Barangay Capasnan
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Barangay Capasnan was said to be known as “Capaasan” because of the abundance of the plant “Paasan” a variety of Palm which was used to make many kinds of handicrafts such as baskets and also be for food consumption. Barangay Capasnan was led by numerous Teniente Del Barrio many years before it was confirmed as a regular barrio. On April 1, 1970 Samson Audan became the first Barangay Captain until the year 1982. Romulo Bentayao became the second captain then followed by an OIC Captain in person of Ernesto Manuay then later replaced by elected captain Ricardo Pangadan from 1989-1994, Benjamin Audan from 1994-2001, Rufo Audan from 2002 to 2005 and Hon. Ernesto Manuay from 2005 to the present. The Barangay consists of 7 puroks namely;Purok Poblacion which was the center of the barangay,Purok Inambawan which was named after the ravage caused by the rats “ambaw”, Purok Coob named after a Mandaya term “koob” which was to slice a wild potato “bay”, one day a Chavacano merchant came to their place and ask for what was the name of the place then he was answered that the person was slicing a “bay” or “NagKoob siya ug Bay”, it was also misunderstood thus the merchant concluded that the place was Koob and later named as Coob,Purok Langgasan in the other hand was named after “Lagas” or creek-like water system due to heavy rains, the said system was then full of water when it rains and dries when season of drought came,Purok Bongloy was named after a tree named “Bongloy” which was abundant on the place,Purok Benaguid theoried to be named because of the rocks which was used to sharpen knives or “Baguidan” in the Mandayan dialect that later called as Benaguid,Purok Tagalabog was named after the abundance of the trees named “Labog” wherein the people in the place was later then called as Tagalabog.