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History of Concepcion
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Long before the existence of barangay Concepcion was the place named Panay (after a river named Panay). It was a place located in a landlocked valley in the northern part of now the Municipality of Manay. It was long time then after the Municipality of Caraga was created; the Barangay was then also created. It was historically attached to Caraga and named as Barrio Concepcion in honor of the patron Immaculada Concepcion which was brought by the Spanish Priests. For a long time the barrio’s history was greatly attached to the Municipality of Caraga until on September 12, 1987 together with the petition submitted and amended by Ciriaco dela Vega the barangay together with Manay (Central), San Isidro , San Fermin , Manreza (which was the Mother of the barangays of Manay), Sta. Maria (Zaragoza) , Sta. Cruz (Holy Cross) and San Ignacio (which was part of the Municipality of Mati at that time). On 1917 it was duly amended by a virtue of E.O. No. 7 that Concepcion, together with the 8 other barangays became part of the Municipality of Manay. Though Manay and Concepcion came up almost on the same year of creation, the people of Barangay Concepcion forgot to celebrate their Centennial year for the foundation of the barangay. The early settlers of the barangay were the Magandam, Basoc and Magau families. When the Second World War was fast approaching Japanese soldier named Nakama together with a Filipina named Leona Sarenas came to the barangay and vanished immediately after the American soldiers came. The community of the barrio was then surprised with Nakama’s departure but on the days of Nakama’s stay the community observed his skillful effort in carpentry. On the political side the barrio was led by Teniente del Barrio some of those were Alfonso Magandam, Felix Magandam and Francisco Mandabon. All of the major political events were held at the Municipality of Caraga. The first elected Barrio Captain was Bibiano Ongcay, but because of the tough way down to the barrio proper,he decided to detach from the main barangay and create its own barangay which was later then called as the Barangay Mabini. He was then followed by Bibiano Mabandos who succeed the place as the barrio head after Bibiano Ongcay makes his own barrio were Francisco Badbadon , Crisolo Basoc , Desiderio Mantog, and an OIC due to the transitional government in the person of Nestor Basoc (1986-1987) , Estelito Basoc (1988-2007), Generoso Bantayan, and back to Hon. Estelito Basoc. The Barangay have six (6) puroks namely; Purok 1 Poblacion, Purok 2 Poblacion, Purok 3 Sitio Owao named due to the few people settling the place and at nighttime they find the “Owa-ao” that means creepy, Purok 4 Sitio Pinaka the sitio that was named due to its geographic location which is on top of any sitios and the place that was also hard to be reached by anyone else, Purok 5 Sitio Kigpit a name came from the word “Nasigpit” or middled by two big strucures, and Purok 6 Butayan as it was an elevated place or they called as “Butay” .Later on January 2011 Purok 7 Poblacion/Magandam was then created dividing Purok 2 people into 2 different puroks.

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