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History of Holy Cross

Barangay Holy Cross , a coastal barangay in the mid part of the Municipality of Manay. Its North is the Barangay Zaragoza, Cayawan and Del Pilar, the Eastern part of the Pacfic Ocean, its West is the Barangay Old Macopa and its South is Barangay San Isidro. Long time ago a settlement was made in the upland area of “Pagsilaan” on which the people lived in that area were the natives of the Mandaya tribe until such time that a new civilization in the coastal area the people also in the upland made their own way to live in the same place which was in the coastal plains. Barangay Holy Crosswas named as Santa Cruz in the name of a province in Spain which was belonged to the Municipality of Caraga during the Spanish regime. During those times the people of Santa Cruz depends on the Spanish Rule that imposed on almost native resident of the place. On the year 1857 it was Balintin Sango who was appointed by the Spanish Government to become the first Teneiente del Barrio. The Cabeza de Barangay acted as agent in the collection of taxes. The succession of the chief position in the barangay was hereditary but if there were no qualified heirs , any men could raise on that rank by virtue of wisdom, physical power and wealth. Santa Cruz was one of the eight (8) barangays that was approved to be part of the Town of Manay way back 1897. It was 1917 when Barangay Santa Cruz was rename d into Barangay Holy Cross through the initiative of Ebairsto Linogan, Balintin Sango and Agripino Manambay.History told that Holy Cross was adopted by the native of the barangay when an American Soldier asked people about the name of the barangay and as the innocent farmer answered the American Soldier “Nahulo Po”, and so the soldiers said “Holy Cross”. Barangay Holy Cross was created under the Executive Order No. 07 sereis of 1897. The first Barangay Captain/ Barrio Capitan was Andres Burgos in 1928 followed by Gregorio Dela Cruz in 1935-1940 as elected for 2 terms, Salvador Ajos served in 1941 followed by Tirso Dela Cruz in 1946, Cloduwaldo Mangkikis in 1952 and Romulo Olean in 1960. In the years 1968-71 Simeon Flores became the Barrio Kapitan whom led the construction of the PACD Building (Barrio Hall). In 1972-91980 was Rodrigo Diuyan. Expedito C. Vallez Sr. whom considered as the most outstanding Barangay Captain that was elected for three consecutive terms deom 1982-1997 brought rapid developments in the barangay government, bought rapid developments in the barangay government, brought rapid developments in the barangay government, bought a land for infrastructure Projects as well as the celebration of Araw ng Purok and Araw g Barangay which was admired duly by his constituents. Araw ng Barangay falls every 14th and 15th of the month of October. Barangay Officials from 1997-2002 WAS HEADED BY Barangay Captain Winston C. Bandigan and his Councilmen; Lucilo O. Pantugan, Henrita M. Martijo, Elmario M. Longyapon,Belmar S. Vllez , merlin M. Bandigan, Aprodecio R. Maynantay, Rene M. Dela Cruz, Mr. Gererdo G. Olea became the Secretary to the Barangay , M. Alexander S. Andrada which appointment ends up on September 30,2001 and was replaced by Maridel B. Masinaoy as Felidito M. Galigao became the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK), chairman fom 1996-2002. Barangay Holy Cross in present times owned Infrastructure Projects suh as the construction of the New Brangay Hall which is situated in front of the IMMACULADA Concepcion chapel ,Basketball Gym and Courts , Health Center, Concrete Stage Fencing, Day Care Centers, mini Park , Street lightings, Multi Purpose Pavements, Water Reservoir , heavy Dudty Machineries as well as the Pumphouse and now the newly completed projects of the Open Warehouse and the Spring Development. Project on the upland puroks were sighted like Multi Purpose Pavement at Purok Buan , Paspason and Anibongan. Construction of the Public waiting shed at the Centro Catagbasan , Anigbongan ,Buan and other projects which are needed by the community. The Barangay is consist of 22 puroks namely; Purok Magunagas, Purok Cordero , Purok Langka, Purok Anibongan, Purok Olea, Purok Bobonao, Purok Silagan, Purok Pagsilaan, Purok Paspason, Purok Bongcog, Purok Buan, Purok Catagbacan, Purok Narra, purok Abon, Purok Bandera, Purok Cabiawan, Purok Tapaoc, Purok Balite, Purok Lahi, Purok BAnsag, Purok Centro, and Purok Bonga.

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