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History of Mabini
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Long time ago before the year 1969 Barangay Mabini was once a Sitio of its Mother Baranagy Concepcion. The name Mabini came from the Mandayan word “Ma-binhi” or place that full of seedlings. As people from this place was fond of giving off and making of seedlings or “binhi” of different crops such as rice and corn, as they gave one can of binhi to the people it will have an output of one or more sacks of different crops. Bibiano Ongcay was the former sitio leader of the place. As the sitio leader he found out the tough way for a person from his place to go to the barangay proper to get administrative forms such as Cedula, so he came up to a decision of having an own autonomy or government until such time that he won as a Barrio Captain of Barangay Concepcion, he managed to amend amendments to separate the sitio from its mother barangay. On May 28, 1969 Mabini was Metamorphosized into a regular barrio leaving Bibiano Mabandos as the successor or the OIC Barrio Captain of Barangay Concepcion as Bibiano Ongcay makes way to his own Barangay Mabini. Mabini consists of five (5) puroks namely Purok Poblacion, Purok Quiawasan named from the word “Kawas” or to get up , Purok Limoong was a place surrounded by big place and landlocked, Purok Magpanubay came from the word “Subay” or to follow a certain path towards the place and Purok Owao a place wherein characterized as creepy or a place that people were seldom to go to.

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