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History of Old Macopa
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Old Macopa is a barangay on the southern part of the Municipality of Manay. On the old times Old Macopa was called as “Makupa” because of the presence of seven Old Macopa trees which was located in the center of the Barangay . As of the elders this seven Old Macopa trees served as center of recreation for the people of the barangay and also the resting place for relaxation for the people who led a carito. On the 1950’s Old Macopa was a sitio of the Barangay Dadong. As Barangay Dadong separate on its mother Barangay (Manreza) on the year 1963 it carried Old Macopa as one of its sitios. On the year 1968 a sitio leader named Faustino Manlucob Sr. consolidated all settlers and planned to be separated on it mother barangay Dadong .And it was granted on June 13,1968 and established as a regular barangay and named as Barangay Old Macopa. It was led before by many teniente del barrio some of them were; Mawalic Mandaya Masangkay which led the barangay long beofre Faustino Manlucob's initiative to separate on Barangay Dadong. Mawalic Masangkay was then followed by Faustino Manlucob then followed by Rafael Masangkay, Okosan Mananday, Fiscal Mantog, Verona Carmina and Aquilino Poraso. These people served as Teniente del Barrio via plebiscite. Turibio Villalobos was the first Punong Barangay to serve via Official Voting then followed by Leon Andoyo which served for almost 20 years then as interrupted on the year 1987-88 due to the transition Government and fortunately came back after Andoyo won and continue his duty as the Punong Barangay until 2000’s. Following his footsteps were Justino Amabasan and the present Punong Barangay Hon. Romeo Antoling Sr. Barangay Old Macopa was bounded by mountains. On its North is the Barangay Rizal , on its Eastern part is shared by Barangay Holy Cross and Barangay San Ignacio, on its West is the Barangay Taocanga and on its Southern part is its former Mother Barangay Dadong which is presently part of the Municipality of Tarragona . It composed of twenty (20) puroks namely ; Purok Anlogan ,Purok Anuan,Purok Bato-Bato the place that was full of gravel or small rocks (bato) ,Purok Bitanagan,Purok Buyo as named because of the abundance of the plant “Buyo”,Purok Cabahian ,Purok Dahican the farthest of all the puroks of the barangay and that named after the name of a spring “Dahic” that later called as Dahican ,Purok Fortune named after the flower “fortune” and is the Center of the Barangay,Purok Gravahan which was former part of Libuak 1 and 2 that name was derived as the place was the storage area of Gravel or “Grava ” and that place was later called as Gravahan (Place where the former BTC stored gravel), Purok Iwad , Purok Madsayap, Purok Malipayon-Libuac was name given by their Purok Leader that symbolizes that the people living in the place were happy and also a former part of the bigger place called “Libuac” where name was got fom overflowing of a spring or tubod which can be called as “Ni-buac”, Purok Malinawon –Libuac, Purok Orchids, Purok Pagtitiasan , Purok Pandayan which name derived from the word ”Pandayan” or place of blacksmith as the place was abundant of blacksmiths,Purok Rose, Purok Sagasa, Purok Taganaga which name derived from the tree named “Naga” ,Purok Tagbay that was named after the bird “Tagbay”.

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