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History of Rizal

According to the old folks Barangay Rizal was formerly called as “Piyagpalidan” , a name for the things that were blown by strong winds. “Umpo na Kapitan Bitac Mandaya” was the former leader of the place which own a house built by the Japanese before World War 2. At that time Umpo na Kapitan Bitac asked by the teacher about the name of the school that was built as part of the requirement, the name “Pyagpalidan ” in contrary sounds bad as for the elders the said name depicts shallow foundation as it can easily be blown so it was suggested to have the Philippine National Hero’s family name which was Rizal to connect the firstname of Umpo na Kapitan which was Jose. On that day onwards the place of Umpo na Kapitan Bitac was later called as “Rizal”. Barangay Rizal was formerly sitio of Barangay Manreza. On 1964 the Rizal became independent as a Barangay of the Municipality of Manay led by their first Leader and later became the Municipal Kagawad Jose Bitac which was confirmed by Vicente Duterte (Governor of the Province of Davao) and read by the former Mayor Pedro Bandigan to the people of Manay. Augusto Tagabunlang became the First elected Barangay Captain ,followed by Banzola Mariano as the Second Barangay Captain and Ruben Bitac as the Third Elected Barangay Captain. Camilo Sumambot served as an OIC because of the transitional government after the 1986 EDSA People Power 1. Everett Paler was then elected as the Fourth Barangay Captain followed by Barangay Captain Pangilino Mariano and Jovito M. Basicong the recent Punong Barangay/ Barangay Captain of Barangay Rizal, however , even before the time of Augugsto Tagabunla numerous leaders or so called as Teniente del Barrio. Served for the barangay some of these were Antonio Mariano who later then became Municipal Kagawad just like Jose Bitac, Francacio Mandabon and Benancio Sumambot. The barangay consists of 9 puroks namely ;Purok Anislag derived from a tree named “Anislag”, Purok Abucayon was the name of the water in the place of the same name, Purok Bayanihan which was formerly knows as “Pong-ol” a sitio formed because of the unity of the residents of the said purok, Purok Centro ,Purok Capoc named from the tree “Capoc” which was abundant on the plce, Purok Danao named derived from “Danaw” or Mandaya term for Lake, Purok Diawaan derived from, “Dawa” a kind of millet that was abundant in the place, Purok Malinawon formerly “Lumbot” a Mandaya term “Kiyalumbotan” or trap by the mud, and Purok Pang which was derived from a tree named “Pang” and was the boundary of the Barangay to the Barangay Taocanga which was separated by a natural boundary the Wangan River.

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