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History of San Fermin
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The vast land of the presently known as Barangay San Fermin was the hunting ground of the native hunters “Mangangayam” from all other places because of the abundance of native animals such as wild pigs and deers. A person named Fermin a native hunter fom Taocanga arrived in the place and got married; he also led the foundation of a community and known as “Fermin”, as the old resident would go to the place they would just say “Adto sidtong pagahuya ni Fermin” or to the place where Fermin lived. As time passed by the people of the place got the patron saint named San Fermin that in the long run was mistaken because there’s no such patron of that name so the patron was changed into San Ambrosio. After a long time of residing of Fermin and his family, an epidemic came on their place. This incident became a threat for Fermin and his family as it was the reason of their departure from the place and went back to Fermin’s native place; Taocanga. The family of Fermin disappeared untraced that even the present people didn’t know of where the family went on. And so from that day on the place was named as San Fermin. Several people became Teniente del Barrio of the place such as Rofino Kiay who founded the barrio , then Santiago Idong, Victor Bantayan, Jacinto Bantayan ,and Basillio Manlitoc. As the election came Pedro Tuba became the first elected Barrio Captain, followed by Petronio Lumbong , then an OIC of the Revolutionary Government from 1986-1988 in person of Julian Maglitoc. He was then followed by Rogelio Lumbong (1988-1994) , then Norma Kiay (1994-1997), Cindirella L. Bantayan (1997-2007) then back to Norma Kiay and to the present by Hon. Gualberto B. Pesucan. Barangay San Fermin consists of 8 puroks namely; Purok Poblacion, Purok Fatima which was formerly called as Old Macopa; Fatima on the other hand was called because of the Patron Fatima,Purok Luyao, Purok Atipo which was formerly called as Old Jomambong;Jomambong was the term used by the residents because of the place which was fastly shaded by sunlight or “madali agbongan nang suga” and also geographically the place was located in the sloppy area of a mountain range, Purok Caipoc the name whom the residents called for the short body of water or “Sang Ipok Da” that rose to the place, Purok Catabuanan as the meeting place of the people or “Tagbo” or “Katagbuanan”, Purok Patag which was derived from its geographic location which was plain and whose formerly called as Lower Fatima as it was located in the lower portion of Fatima and Purok Macopa, a place which was the abundance of the fruit Macopa.

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