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History of San Isidro

Long time ago the place of Barangay San Isidro was formerly known as “Kamugtingan”, It was a settlement located in the area of now Purok Pagkilatan . As the Spaniards came around the year 1860’s Barangay’s Center was moved to the present location. As of the story of the old folks the present name of their barangay was named as it is because of the story of drought which came to their place a long time ago, the farmers then pray for the patron which the Spaniards brought.; Patron San Isidro. Then after days of praying to the patron saint the rain came and the place has the good and bountiful harvest that they prayed to the patron saint. The Barangay’s history just like with that of barangay Concepcion was greatly attached to the Municipality of Caraga as for the reason that they occupy the northernmost part of the Municipality of Manay as well as they are the boundary point of the two municipalities. Various people served as Cabeza de Barangay or Teniente del Barrio which were all appointed by the Spanish Government. On 1935 Jose Antop Sr. was accounted to have many significant contributions as a Teniente del Barrio of the Barrio of San Isidro which he named their community chapel “San Isidro Labrador” as well as the donation of a hectare of land which was utilized of being a school which formerly named as Barangay San Isidro Elementary School and later named as Jose Antop Sr. Elementary School. The school served also the start of the barangay San Isidro . Some of the appointed Teniente del Barrio were Maximo Biando and Enrique Pingot. Turibio Duay became the first elected Teniente del Barrio followed by Eldefonso Ompang, then followed by an O.I.C. due to the transition government in person of Romeo Esteban. After the transition government Purita Ompang was elected and served from 1989-1997 as a Barangay Chairowman she did also many contributions in the Barangay government as well as the one who followed her Mr. Nicanor A. Quitoriano whom was elected from 1997-2000. And the present Punong Barangay Hon. Edito Budadong is still making waves of organizing and building significant developments in his reign as Punong Barangay. The Barangay is located in the northern most part of the Municipality of Manay. On its East and South Lies the Barangay Central, on its West is the Purok Owao of the Barangay Concepcion while on its North is the Municipality of Caraga. The Barangay consists of 11 puroks namely; Purok 1A Poblacion which serves as the center of the Barangay, Purok 1B Bajada named because of the steep road downward from the barangay Poblacion or as tagged as “Pa Bajada”, Purok 2 Lahi was named because of the abundance of a class of bamboo grass which they called as “Lahi na Kawayan” , Purok 3 Macopa which place was said to be abundant of the fruit Macopa, Purok 4 Salmonan which people of long time ago would love to sell Sardines which was placed in a can that they called as “Salmon” from that the people who passed by named the place as Salmonan.,Purok 5 Paradahan was the point of meet up by the people who will use the barangay road which is located in Purok Patong of the Barangay Central and of the road which passes by the farm of the Ompang family in this place also was the resting place for the people who led their respective karitos which they tagged as “Paradahanan” and from that the place was named as Paradahan, Purok 6 Magsuhi a purok which named after a creek which counterflowed instead to the East it flowed to the west that they called it as “Nagsuhi” and later the place was renamed into Magsuhi, Purok 7 Awang name derived from “Awang” or to empty something, Purok 8 Pagkilatan which was named after a lightning struck the place or “Kilat” , Purok 9 Limentian was named after a thunder tremble (Linte) the place as two farmers enjoyed eating bananas and Purok 10 Mangga a place were the fruit Manggoes were abundant.

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