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History of Taocanga
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The Creation of Barangay Taocanga
The people residing therein are the following;

  • Family Sumambot at Taocanga
  • Family Magbutong at New Madsayap
  • Family Basicong at Taocanga
  • Family Elesio and Maumpid at Pagsayawan
  • Family Magkidong,Lanos and Pangaldin at Lemintoog
These families planned to establish a school in 1947 at Taocanga which was not yet the name of the place. While working they saw the flowers of the tree “Taocanga”, where the place got its name. Accordingly, Taocanga was one of the sitio of Barangay Rizal. In 1969, Mr. Albariz Sumambot, sitio leader at that time applied that Taocanga will be recognized as a regular Barrio which application was then approved on April 30,1970. Barangay Taocanga composed of 6 Sitios and 8 puroks namely; Limentuog which name derived from the series mountain range surrounding the place “yaga tuog-tuog”, Pagsayawan which name according to old folks was a place of united worship by the “Baylans” wherein they danced the whole day and night for recognition of the other members as well as the continuous worship for “Yagbaya” or God, Matabang a place which name came from a group of people who drank water from the stream and said “Yani na tubig Matabang” or tasteless but its former was Catampa according to the old people living in the area , Mambusao a name derived from “Busao” means a curse from the water that later named New Madsayap former name of one of the NPA camp in the area that was later destroyed by the forces of the military, New Macopa which was given as a distinction with the Old Macopa that was formerly a logging concercion area, Calinawan which was the farthest among the Sitios of the barangay which was accessible either by a 6 hour hike from Matabang or a whole day trip from the City of Mati, Purok Centro, Purok Langka name derived from the fruit Langka, Purok Lemundo, Purok Lilo-an which was according to the people lived on that area a “Lilo” or a whirlpool that happens when water tributaries from the upland met, Purok Candiis named after a fruit named Candiis, Purok Bugac wherein the name derived from a mandaya term for a spring, Purok Quiago-an got its name on the people whom experienced being lost when going into the area and Purok Caubi-1 place named after the fruit Caubi.

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