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The Regional Oversight Committee, which is chaired by PDEA, is composed of RD/ARDs of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), the Philippine National Police (PNP), Department of Health (DOH) and LGUs. "Our barangays have become self-reliant and they developed self-policing in their communities. This means they are always on watch and are always monitoring possible illegal drug activities that are reported in their barangays,”Mayor JAPHET M. QUIBO, MADAC Chairman said. Before declaring that a barangay is free from illegal drug activities, the committee must convene and validate the non-availability of drug supply in the area and the absence of drug transit activity, clandestine drug laboratory, and chemical warehouse, marijuana cultivation site, drug den, drug pusher, and user. 1.cayawan 2.delpilar 3.lambog 4.taocanga 5.guza 6.manreza 7.sanisidro 8.mabini 9.concepcion 10.zaragoza

Article written by: Melanio B. Castro

Published: 2022-05-05

Continuing Implementation of Center-Based Program

Padayon ang atong mga Child Development Workers sa pagbisita sa tagsa-tagsa ka panimalay sa mga bata nga kasamtangang enrolled sa nagkalain-laing Child Development Centers aron ipahigayon ang Parents Mentoring, ECCD Individual Assessment, Height And Weight Monitoring ug Weekly Parents/Children Session. Kini nga kalihokan gitawag ug Center-Based Program isip alternatibong venue alang sa paghatod sa kalidad nga serbisyo ngadto sa atong mga daycare children ug padayon nga makakat-on taliwala sa pandemic crisis situation. Salamat sa atong matinud-anon nga mga Child Development Workers nga kanunay naga-agak ug nagagiya alang sa kaugmaon sa atong mga kabatan-onan. #DayCareService #MSWDMapagkalingangSerbisyo

Article written by: MSWDO Manay

Published: 2022-04-27

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By embracing the 5 R’s of Zero-Waste, in this order, you can help reduce the amount of plastic waste you generate!
Refuse– say no to things you don’t need
Reduce– limit overconsumption of what you do need
Reuse – extend the lifecycle of the product
Recycle – learn the best way to sort your waste
Rot – compost anything that remains

National ID Registration Section

Gaya ng physical PhilID card, ang printed ePhilID ay naglalaman ng demographic information, front-facing photograph, PhilSys Card Number (PCN), generation date, at QR code ng registered person.
Magtungo sa upang i-check kung maaari nang makuha ang iyong printed ePhilID.

For those who have registered for the National ID -Track your National ID registration Status here

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NOTE: If you cannot find a specific ordinance or title, or if you want a printed copy, or other inquiries, please contact the Secretary to the Sanggunian directly(

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