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The Municipal Health Office of Manay Personnel and DOH HRH Employees attended the 3-day Integrated Mentoring and Coaching on the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Health (DRRM-H) Institutionalization, conducted by the Provincial Health Office (PHO) Staff on May 15-17, 2024 at the Manay Municipal Health Office Conference Room. DRRM-H Planning is a participative process, carefully studying the hazards, risks, vulnerabilities and capacities of a locality. It aims to: (1) provide uninterrupted health services; (2) avert preventable morbidities and mortalities; and (3) ensure that no outbreak occurs secondary to disasters. Among the topics discussed in the activity includes: Operational Framework in the Institutionalization of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Health. The Municipal Health Office of Manay is grateful to all stakeholders who made this activity a success. Special thanks to the Local Government Unit of Manay through the leadership of our Municipal Mayor - Hon. Jon Marco Dayanghirang, Provincial Health Office (PHO) of Davao Oriental headed by our Provincial Health Officer II - Dr. Reden V. Bersaldo, MD, MHcA, our Resource Speakers from the PHO, Dr. Azin John A. Libanan - Provincial Health Officer I and Mr. Marion Paulo B. Ungab, RN - DRRM-H Provincial Coordinator. It is believed that through our collaborative efforts, we will be able to establish a resilient health system in order to develop capacities to mitigate and reduce possible health risks thus address health needs in time of emergencies and disasters.

Article written by: Municipal Health Office

Published: 2024-05-17

BARANGAY DEVELOPMENT PLANNING: Promoting Heritage through Future Planning for Barangay Taocanga

A barangay development plan, also known as BDP, is a three-year comprehensive multi-sectoral development plan that is created via an inclusive and participatory process under the direction of the sanggunian and development council. It is a barangay official document that lists policy alternatives, initiatives, projects, and activities meant to support the overall accomplishment of the development goals and objectives of the barangay. Every barangay has a profile that provides information about both its past and present. A barangay profile provides information about local problems and concerns that is used to inform the creation of a BDP. In order for their voters to understand that their government is working for them, a plan with a budget is consequently the very means by which we bring services down to the local level. According to Section 106 of the LG Code of 1991, each local government unit (LGU) must have a comprehensive, multi-sectoral development plan that is led by the development council and duly approved by the legislature. Its primary goal is to safeguard the interests of the general public and all parties involved in the planning process. A meeting to formulate a barangay development plan was held at Manay's Barangay Taocanga on May 4, 2024. This area is significant to culture because it is home to a significant number of natural and man-made landmarks, such as the second-smallest Rafflesia species in the world, Rafflesia verrucoa (italized), the second-largest birds of prey in the world, the Philippine Eagle, and Diomaboc Lake, one of the cleanest and greenest inland bodies of water 2005 Regional Awardee and National Finalist. For the benefit of future generations, these natural heritages are being protected and safeguarded. The barangay is able to design important programs, projects, and activities that are in line with the protection of cultural heritages because to this capacity. This is a collaborative activity conducted by BLGU Taocanga and the LGU Manay through the Municipal Planning qnd Development Coordinator

Article written by: Jan Michaael Belena

Published: 2024-05-16

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Manay Vision

A socially stable and economically progressive municipality in pursuit of sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism development within the context of respect to mother nature that nurtures gender responsive, climate smart, resilient, culture-centered, and liveable community through dynamic leadership and good governance sustained by peace loving, God centered and law abiding citizenry.

Manay Mission

In partnership with all stakeholders, will work in unity and solidarity in promoting the general welfare of the people of the municipality by transforming Manayans into self- reliant, self- managing, law-abiding and God- loving community living in prosperity, unity, justice, happiness and peace.

Manay Goal

Propelled towards building an eco - friendly responsive governance, culture-centered, gender sensitive and responsive, climate-smart, resilient and a strong community with socio economic, self sufficiency and stability for the next ten years (2024-2033).

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